Bronsted acid triplet activation

Evan and Hoimin’s discovery of Bronsted acid catalyzed triplet sensitization is online at Chem Sci. This third chapter in our triplet activation story is again in collaboration with the Baik group at KAIST.

Benzylic Alkoxylation

BJ and Kimberly have developed a method for alkoxylation of benzylic C–H bonds with a range of alcohol nucleophiles, featuring very high site-selectivity and functional group compatibility. The method, first reported on ChemRxiv, has now …

Triplet Rebound

Jian, Wes, Hoimin, Kaz, and Jesse have identified an unusual mechanism of enantioselective photoactivation in a JACS full paper. This study required synthetic and kinetic studies from our group, transient absorption spectroscopy in Jerry Meyer‘s …

Photocatalytic Oxyamination

Nic, Maddie, and Vlad have published an Org Lett paper describing an approach to alkene oxyamination that uses unmodified nucleophilic carbamates as N-atom donors.