Research interests in the Yoon laboratory include: Organic synthesis, Asymmetric Catalysis, Photochemistry, Reaction mechanisms, and Organometallics

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One major theme of research in the Yoon laboratory is the use of photochemistry to assemble otherwise unaccessible structures with precise stereocontrol

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  • General synthesis of the truxinates

    Part of the motivation for continued development of enantioselective photocatalysis has been the possibility of streamlining the synthesis of densely substituted small-ring compounds. Matt, Matthew, and Herman have devised a demonstration of this principle by …

  • Allylic amination

    Grace, Ellie, and Nic have leveraged an unexpected observation into an unusual method for allylic amination using Cu(II)-mediated radical–polar crossover.  Online now at OL!

  • Photosensitized De Mayo reactions

    Riley, Andrew, and Eunji’s study showing how Lewis acids can improve the scope of sensitized De Mayo reactions is online at Org Lett!

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