Research interests in the Yoon laboratory include: Organic synthesis, Asymmetric Catalysis, Photochemistry, Reaction mechanisms, and Organometallics

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One major theme of research in the Yoon laboratory is the use of photochemistry to assemble otherwise unaccessible structures with precise stereocontrol

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Yoon Group News

  • Oxidative Alkene Functionalizations

    Nic and Grace have developed a protocol for intramolecular oxidative functionalization of sterically bulky alkenes with diverse heteronucleophiles as a way to show that photoredox catalysis can address long-standing limitations of transition metal catalyzed processes. …

  • Cyclobutaneboronate ester building blocks

    Congratulations to Spencer, Jesse, Luca, Rowan, and Niecia! Their paper on the photosensitized synthesis of complex cyclobutane boronate esters is now online at Org Lett.

  • Congratulations Meredith!

    Congratulations to Yoon lab first year Meredith Hughes for winning a GRFP honorable mention in a fiercely competitive year!

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The Yoon Research Group is a collaborative team of researchers in synthetic organic chemistry. We specialize in organic photochemistry, radical chemistry, and stereoselective synthesis. We are particularly interested in the development of novel catalytic methodology as a strategy for increasing process efficiency, controlling reaction selectivity, and reducing the environmental impact of chemical synthesis.


A central theme of research in the Yoon lab is the development of synthetically useful photochemical reactions that can be conducted using visible light. Most organic compounds, however, absorb light only at short UV wavelengths that are relatively poorly emitted in the solar spectrum. We are investigating strategies to use transition metal photosensitizers that can catalyze interesting new photochemical reactions at long wavelengths of visible light that are abundant in the solar spectrum.

Oxidation Chemistry

Another research thrust in our lab involves the investigation of novel oxidation reactions that can be induced by activation of heteroatom-heteroatom bonds. We have been particularly interested in the chemistry of oxaziridines, which are three-membered heterocycles composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon. We are developing transition metal-catalyzed processes that induce oxaziridines to react with organic substrates in a variety of useful transformations.