Research interests in the Yoon laboratory include: Organic synthesis, Asymmetric Catalysis, Photochemistry, Reaction mechanisms, and Organometallics

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One major theme of research in the Yoon laboratory is the use of photochemistry to assemble otherwise unaccessible structures with precise stereocontrol

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Yoon Group News

  • Transitions

    This month has a lot of transitions for the group. We welcome Alana, Matthieu, and Max as new first-years in the group, and GM as a new undergraduate researcher.  We also bid fond farewells to …

  • TA spectroscopy for photocatalytic synthesis

    TA spectroscopy can provide detailed insight into the mechanisms of photocatalytic reactions. Read Wes’ tutorial review in this year’s Specialist Periodical Reports – Photochemistry.

  • Cross-ketonization

    Andrew developed a method to selectively combine two different carboxylic acid feedstocks into unsymmetrical ketones using a metallaphotoredox strategy. The result is a modern take on the industrial process of acid ketonization, updated for complex …

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