Research interests in the Yoon laboratory include: Organic synthesis, Asymmetric Catalysis, Photochemistry, Reaction mechanisms, and Organometallics

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One major theme of research in the Yoon laboratory is the use of photochemistry to assemble otherwise unaccessible structures with precise stereocontrol

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  • Enantioselective 6π Photoelectrocyclizations

    The latest chapter in our ongoing collaboration with the Baik group is now published in JACS. Wes and Hanna lead a comprehensive synthetic, spectroscopic, and computational study of highly enantioselective 6π photoelectrocyclizations. Previously on the …

  • Cu oxidant review

    A coda to Grace’s successful PhD career: her review describing the use of Cu(II) salts as terminal oxidants in photochemical reactions is online at OBMC.

  • General synthesis of the truxinates

    Part of the motivation for continued development of enantioselective photocatalysis has been the possibility of streamlining the synthesis of densely substituted small-ring compounds. Matt, Matthew, and Herman have devised a demonstration of this principle by …

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