Divergent Photoreactions of Ketones

Jian and Xiao’s study of the divergent reactions of benzoylformates is online at Org Lett! This paper shows how the rational choice of reaction conditions can partition a photocatalytic reaction between photoredox and triplet sensitization …

Group Awards

This has been a great year for awards to Yoon lab members! Nic Reed – PPG Mentoring Award Nic Reed – Goering Organic Chemistry Fellowship Jesse Kidd – Sam Slifkin Award BJ Lee – Goering …

NSF Fellowships

Congratulations to Yoon lab second-years Grace and Matt for their honorable mension and fellowship, respectively, from the NSF GFRP! Two of 21 (!?!?!?!) to UW-Madison Chemistry this year!

Bronsted acid triplet activation

Evan and Hoimin’s discovery of Bronsted acid catalyzed triplet sensitization is online at Chem Sci. This third chapter in our triplet activation story is again in collaboration with the Baik group at KAIST.