General synthesis of the truxinates

Part of the motivation for continued development of enantioselective photocatalysis has been the possibility of streamlining the synthesis of densely substituted small-ring compounds. Matt, Matthew, and Herman have devised a demonstration of this principle by …

Allylic amination

Grace, Ellie, and Nic have leveraged an unexpected observation into an unusual method for allylic amination using Cu(II)-mediated radical–polar crossover.  Online now at OL!

Fe-mediated decarboxylative coupling

Grace and Sam’s magnum opus on Fe(III)-mediated photochemical couplings of carboxylic acid feedstocks is published in Chem. This is the second installment in a productive collaboration with Scott Bagley and Mark Bundesmann at Pfizer.

NSF awards

Congratulations to Alana and Cade for receiving an NSF GRFP Award and Honorable Mention, respectively! These awards are increasingly competitive, and we’re incredibly proud of everyone who applied.