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November 2014: Welcome to our new first-years, Shane and Craig!
November 2014: Kaz authors Nature News and Views highlight of an asymmetric photoredox alkalyion reaction reported by Meggers.
September 2014: Tehshik and Corey Stephenson have co-edited a special issue of Adv Synth Catal on photocatalytic synthesis.
September 2014: We welcome Amy Challinor, who will be conducting research in our laboratory for the Fall semester. She's a visiting student from the Thomas group at the University of Edinburgh.
September 2014: Travis returns from a summer internship with Merck's biocatalysis group in Rahway.
August 2014: Travis's paper on oxidative cycloadditions of phenols is published online in ACIE.
July 2014: Laura is now Dr. Laura! She is off to start a job at Dow.
July 2014: We bid a fond farewell to Dani as she finishes her postdoc and starts a job at Merck Process.
July 2014: Anna's paper on [2+2] photocycloadditions of 1,3-dienes is a Hot Paper in ACIE.
June 2014: Anna defends her dissertation and is off for a postdoc with Scott Miller at Yale!
June 2014: Kevin and Jim's paper on iron-catalyzed kinetic resolution of oxaziridines is published online in Chem Sci.
May 2014: Jim earns his MS degree and starts a job at Abbvie. Good luck, Jim!
April 2014: Juana, Kaz, and Dani's paper on asymmetric photocycloadditions is published online in Science.
April 2014: Kevin's review on contemporary oxaziridine chemistry appears in Chem Rev.
April 2014: Laura is the recipient of a Goering Award from the Department. Congratulations!
February 2014: Dani's review on photocatalytic synthesis appears in Science.
February 2014: We're pleased to contribute Zic's endoperoxide synthesis to a symposium-in-print in honor of Sarah Reisman inTetrahedron.
November 2013: Elliot's paper on photocatalytic pyrrole synthesis is a VIP paper in ACIE.
November 2013: Tehshik is elected into the 2013 class of AAAS Fellows
October 2013: The Yoon lab welcomes its newest members, Iain and Evan.
July 2013: Liz Tyson defends her dissertation and starts a postdoc at PNNL!
June 2013: We're sending some great undergrads off into the world -- Eric to Michigan and Zach to Utah. Good luck in grad school, guys!
May 2013: We make the cover of ACS Catalysis.
May 2013: We make the cover of ACS Catalysis.
May 2013: Awards season! Elliot receives a Goering award from the department. Eric is in the inaugural cohort of ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Awardees. And Sarah wins a Hilldale scholarship. Congratulations!
April 2013: Megan's study of photocatalytic nitroarene reduction is published as part of a special issue of Synthesis on light-mediated organic synthesis.
March 2013: Laura and Eric's study of Bronsted acid co-catalysts in photocatalytic radical amine functionalizations is published in JOC.
January 2013: Kevin becomes a freshly minted PhD. Next up: a postdoc in the Leighton group at Columbia.
January 2013: Tehshik receives the Kiekhofer Distinguished Teaching Award from the university.
November 2012: Liz's paper on transition metal photocatalysis of radical thiol-ene reactions is published as part of Howard Zimmerman's memorial issue of JOC.
November 2012: We welcome new graduate student Jim Sawicki to the group!
September 2012: Zic's paper describing visible light-induced [2+2] cycloadditions by energy transfer photocatalysis is published in Angewandte.
August 2012: New postdoc Dani joins our group from the Wolfe lab. Welcome!
July 2012: Kevin's paper on enantioselective iron-catalyzed oxyaminations is published in JACS.
June 2012: Michael and Mike's paper on crossed oxidative [2+2] cycloadditions is published in Chem Sci.
May 2012: Shishi's paper on radical cation Diels-Alder cycloadditions is highlighted in JACS Select.
May 2012: Michael's mini-review on radical ion chemistry appears online at EurJOC.
May 2012: Juana defends her dissertation. She leaves for a postdoc in the Hartwig lab soon.
April 2012: Kevin wins a Hirschmann-Rich award in Organic Chemistry from the department, and has been selected to attend the Abbott Scholars Symposium in August. Shishi wins a summer research fellowship from Eastman. Congratulations!
April 2012: A good month for our undergrads. Eric wins a Hilldale fellowship, and REU student Christian's work on radical cation IMDA reactions is published in TL.
April 2012: Megan receives a fellowship from the NSF!
February 2012: Jon, Michael, and Zic's paper on aerobic endoperoxide synthesis appears online in Org Lett.
February 2012: Liz and Elliot's paper on cleavable redox auxiliaries appears online in Org Lett.
December 2011: Tehshik is named an Honored Instructor by students in University Housing for the third semester in a row.
November 2011: Adrian, Spencer, and Kaz join the group. Welcome!
October 2011: Shishi and Michael's communication on photocatalytic radical cation Diels-Alder cycloadditions appears online in JACS.
September 2011: Two group members win awards: Kevin Williamson wins a 2011 Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award, and Juana Du wins the 2011 Abbott Award in Synthetic Chemistry.
August 2011: Juana and Laura's paper on the photocatalytic reductive couplings of enones is published online in Chemical Science.
July 2011: Dr. Ye Zhu, who received his Ph.D. from the Burgess group, joins our lab as a postdoc. Welcome!
July 2011: Tehshik gets tenure, and the group celebrates with a trip up to Devil's Lake.
June 2011: Christian Padilla from Carleton College joins the lab as a summer REU student. Welcome!
May 2011: Congratulations to Michael on the defense of his dissertation! He's off soon to a postdoc in the Ellman group.
April 2011: Two group awards: Michael receives a Charles & Martha Casey Award for Excellence in Research, and Juana receives a Goering Organic Fellowship.
March 2011: Anna, Megan, and Michael's paper on photocatalytic radical anion hetero-Diels-Alder cycloadditions is published in Tetrahedron.
February 2011: Group members visit the state capitol during the budget protests.
January 2011: Tamas' paper on indole oxyamination is Synfact of the Month.
January 2011: Zic and Meihua's paper on photocatalytic [3+2] cycloadditions appears on JACS ASAPs.
December 2010: Tehshik has been selected as an Honored Instructor by students living in the University Residence Halls.
November 2010: Travis, Megan, and Derek join the group. Welcome!
November 2010: Tehshik is named an Eli Lilly Grantee for 2011. Congratulations to the other awardees, and thanks as always to Lilly for their generous support!
October 2010: Tamas' paper on indole oxyamination appears on Angewandte "Early View."
August 2010: Congratulations to Juana for winning an ACS Division of Organic Chemistry fellowship!


August 2010: The research of our former undergrads, Sandra and Ashley, has been accepted to TL. It will be featured on the cover of the Oct 6 issue. Congratulations!
July 2010: Dr. Larry Tardibono joins the group. Welcome!
June 2010: Congratulations to Tamas on the successful defense his dissertation, and good luck at BMS Process!
June 2010: Former Yoon group member David Michaelis is a finalist for the Reaxys PhD Prize.
June 2010: Michael and Zic's paper on [2+2] photocycloadditions of styrenes appears on JACS ASAPs.
May 2010: Michael wins a Goering Organic Chemistry Fellowship from the department, and is selected as a presenter at the ACS DOC's first Graduate Research Symposium. Congratulations!
May 2010: Tehshik is the recipient of a 2010 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.
April 2010: Former undergraduate Amanda Turek receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which will support her research in the Jacobsen group at Harvard. Congratulations, Amanda!
March 2010: Kevin's JACS communication describing alkene oxyaminations catalyzed by iron is now online.
December 2009: Katie's Angewandte communication on the first method for cycloaddition of carbonyl imines is now online.
December 2009: Our communication on crossed [2+2] cycloadditions is highlighted in Synfacts.
December 2009: Congratulations to Katie on the successful defense of her dissertation! She's off to be a postdoc in the Montgomerygroup.
December 2009: Congratulations to David on the successful defense of his dissertation! He's off to be a postdoc in the Trost group.
November 2009: New first-years: Elliot, Shishi, Jon, and Laura join the group. Welcome!
November 2009: Our communication on oxaziridine-mediated C-H amination is highlighted in Synfacts.
October 2009: Our work on photocatalytic [2+2] cycloaddition is featured on the cover of JACS.
September 2009: Dr. Zhan (Zic) Lu joins the group. Welcome!
August 2009: Charlie, Tamas, and Amanda's paper on C-H bond amination appears on JACS ASAPs.
August 2009: Read some coverage of our work at the Sceptical Chymist blog.
June 2009: Tamas and Juana's paper on halocuprate-catalyzed aminohdyroxylations appears on JOC ASAPs.
May 2009: Juana's crossed intermolecular [2+2] cycloaddition paper appears on JACS ASAPs.
May 2009: Congratulations to Amanda for winning the 2009 Iota Sigma Pi Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Chemistry!
May 2009: Congratulations to David, who has won a Charles and Martha Casey Award for Excellence in Research and the Farrington Daniels Ethical Leadership Fellowship.
May 2009: Congratulations to Tamas and David, who have each received an Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.
April 2009: The Boston University Department of Chemistry has invited Tehshik to present the first Organic Syntheses, Inc., lecture.
April 2009: Tehshik has participated in a discussion on the epistemology of reaction mechanisms, which appears online at J Chem Ed.
March 2009: Tehshik is selected to receive a 2009 Amgen Young Investigator's Award.
March 2009: David and Kevin's enantioselective aminohydroxylation paper appears online. This article will be part of a Tetrahedron Symposium-In-Print in honor of Mike Krische.
February 2009: We thank the Sloan Foundation for recognition of our work and extend our congratulations to all of the other 2009 Fellowship winners.
December 2008: Tehshik is the recipient of a 2009 Thieme Synlett/Synthesis Journal Award and was selected as an Honored Instructor by students living in the University Residence Halls.
November 2008: Olga, Anna, and Liz join the group. Welcome!
September 2008: Our paper on visible light photocatalysis appears on JACS ASAP. See coverage in Science and C&E News.
August 2008: David wins an ACS Division of Organic Chemistry fellowship, funded by Boehinger Ingelheim. Congratulations David!
July 2008: Tehshik is a 2008 Cottrell Scholar, funded by the Research Corporation.
June 2008: David is the recipient of a 2008 Sigma-Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award. Congratulations!
May 2008: The Chem 346 Blog Project is highlighted in campus news.
April 2008: David and Michael's full paper is published on JACS ASAP.
April 2008: Our nitrone paper is highlighted in Synfacts and our aminohydroxylation work is highlighted by Prof. Taber on Organic Chemistry Portal.
April 2008: Two departmental awards: Katie wins the Goering Organic Chemistry Fellowship, and Tamas wins the Organic Chemistry Excellence in Research Award. Congratulations!
March 2008: We thank the Beckman Foundation for their generous support and congratulate all of the other 2008 Young Investigator Award recipients.
February 2008: Mary Beth presents a department seminar on ladder polyether natural products.
February 2008: Katie and Mary Beth's JACS paper appears online. Congratulations!
January 2008: Michael presents a department seminar on the synthesis of cyclophane natural products.
December 2007: Tehshik is the recipient of a Research Service Award from the UW.
November 2007: Juana Du and Kevin Williamson join the group. Welcome to the lab!
October 2007: Katie is the recipient of the department's Abbott Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry for 2008. Congratulations, Katie!
September 2007: Tamas, David, and Charlie successfully defend their second-year research summaries.
September 2007: Charlie Allen presents a department seminar on the Nazarov cyclization.
March 2007: Our aminohydroxylation paper makes the list of Top 20 Accessed Articles in JACS for the first quarter of 2007.
February 2007: Tamas Benkovics presents a department seminar on the alkane aminations using metal nitrenes.
January 2007: Our first paper appears on JACS ASAP. Congratulations, Dave and Chris!
November 2006: Dave Michaelis presents a department seminar on the synthesis of guanidinium alkaloids.
November 2006: We are funded by an NSF CAREER Award.
November 2006: Mary Beth Anzovino and Michael Ischay join the group. Welcome to the lab!
October 2006: Katie successfully defends her research summary. One last step to dissertator status!
September 2006: Katie Partridge presents a department seminar on microfluidic devices.